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Thoughts for my 10 year anniversary at Citi

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The past Monday has officially marked my ten years of service anniversary working with Citi. It is beyond my wildest dream to transform from a shy and humble international student to where I am now. I am also fortunate enough to work closely with some great leaders and friends along my journey.

To all my managers and leaders

I cannot appreciate more than enough all the challenges, guidance and support you have offered to me. More importantly, thanks for always trusting me.

To all my Citi colleagues

Thanks for your trust, collaboration and support. We have been striving to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by responsibly providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress. It is always a pleasure :)

To myself

In a blink of an eye, you have achieved a lot of milestones in your career. Keep your mind open to embrace more challenges and opportunities.

Keep your spirit high to remain focused and resilient.

Remain the one who always try to add value to others.

I always loved our Chinese Wisdom.


*Be strict with yourself and be lenient to others.


*Diligence can make up for clumsiness and frugality.

*keep one's integrity by contented with a simple life.

A written note from my grandfather - family heritage and my lifelong treasure.


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