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Fish Talk is committed to creating an ecosystem of overseas professionals with Asian backgrounds, advocating solidarity to drive growth and champion progress. Fish Talk provides classroom training courses and one-on-one career coaching to optimise career prospects. At Fish Talk, we respect both individualism & collectivism and firmly believe that we need both to succeed in our professional journey. Established in 2019, Fish Talk has attracted more than 2,000 professionals from various industries. In our WeChat community, professionals proactively share career opportunities around them and discuss career development-related questions and dilemmas. 

Meet Our Founder

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Steven Yu

Starting as an international student, Steven has progressed from a one-month contractor in a call centre to a seasoned product manager with over ten years of experience in Australia's banking industry. 

Like most professionals from an Asian background, Steven has encountered and overcame many challenges throughout his early career, such as language barriers, cultural differences, most importantly, a mindset shift. Steven is very passionate about career development and keen to help young professionals improve, grow and outperform.


He founded Fish Talk Global in Jan 2019 and has helped hundreds of young professionals excel and outperform in their career journeys through his coaching program.


Steven had a Master of Finance degree from The Australian National University and a Master of Commerce degree from The University of Sydney.


In his spare time, Steven loves playing soccer, eating hotpot and connecting with old and new friends who share the same vision/passion with him.

Lead Coach | Mentor | Speaker

Founder and Managing Director

Fish Talk Global

Mindset, Actions and Outcomes

There is one thing I firmly believed throughout my career: Mindset drives actions, which lead to outcomes.


No, let me rephrase this to below:

A positive mindset drives relevant and practical actions, which lead to desired outcomes.

With a positive mindset, I have achieved some career milestones beyond my wildest dreams. With a positive mindset, I overcame some common hurdles gracefully that most young professionals have encountered. Also, with the same positive mindset, I made some good decisions that I am proud of, bringing me to where I am now.

It’s never easy, and it’s only going to get more challenging as we progress. However, a positive mindset will remind us to treasure what we have and stimulate us to take actions that drive the desired outcome.  

The miracle starts from a positive mindset. Join us and start transforming your career today!

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